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At King's Insurance Staffing, LLC., we value the importance of finding the right talent for the right role. This is why we provide clients with human resource and recruitment services enabling them to find the best employees to hire for their company.

We offer options for direct-hire, temporary-to-hire, or temporary staffing, as well as executive search services aligned with the various needs of companies within the insurance industry which includes: claims, underwriting, risk management, and premium audit.


Allow us to work with you to identify the perfect candidate. We fully understand job requirements and your desired skill sets. Then, we use our extensive network and experience to select the candidate that best fits the job.


Try out a candidate to get a feel for how they would fit in the role before making a long-term commitment. So that the solution works for both the candidate and the client, we make sure the job requirements are met and that the transition is seamless.

Temporary Staffing

For urgent hiring contingencies, find qualified talent immediately by opting for temporary staffing services. This is ideal for short-term projects and roles that need immediate attention. We focus equally on skills and credentials for temporary employment.

Executive Search

When the need for executives arises, we bank on our ability to find the perfect fit for your management team. We assess your company’s needs, ascertain the desired skill sets, and use our extensive network to find the perfect candidate.

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Committed to providing the best service and results, we leverage our extensive network of experienced recruiters to find qualified candidates for your company.